How producers make money with beats

Similar to selling mp3s, it is well worth your time releasing beat tapes or compilations of your
instrumentals, perhaps even the odd exclusive release with unpublished beats. This can generate a
lot of excitement amongst your fans and lead to your music being discovered by whole new fan
groups on sites like CDBaby. Over the years I’ve released a number of compilation albums and
publish them all via CDBaby. The site is very useful – as well as selling your albums through their own
website they will distribute your songs to all their digital partners such as iTunes, Amazon, MySpace
Music or Rhapsody. What’s more, you have the ability to enter all your songs into sync licensing via
Rumblefish which can potentially earn you even more money if your beats are used, for example, in
YouTube videos.

Get a TV placement

Getting a placement in a TV show, film or video game can be an arduous process. There are
thousands of producers out there submitting their material to placement opportunities on a daily
basis. However, if you regularly network and build relationships with media professionals,
companies and agencies you will eventually persevere and the spoils will be worth the toil! While
you won’t necessarily be paid a large sum up-front, the royalty payments are where producers really
make the big bucks. In order to benefit from this it is essential that you are registered with a royalty
collection association such as BMI, ASCAP, SESAC or PRS. TV stations in the US in particular pay out
large sums just for short music segments in their programming. This quarterly royalty statement
through my PRS account was for a single placement on CBS Sports. £2818 (or $4205) for 30 seconds
of a beat is not bad right?


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Am I Supposed To Master My Beats

Many online beat-sellers ask themselves whether they should be mastering their beats that they sell online and the answer is YES AND NO! You’re probably asking yourself how is that possible. Well it all depends on which file type you are referring to. If you’re asking yourself, if you should be mastering the high quality untagged WAV file that your licensee customers take in the studio to record their vocals on, then the answer is HELL NO! If you are referring to your tagged streaming MP3 file that everyone hears on your BeatStars player or Pro Page, then the answer is HELL YES! Reasons for both below.
Reason Why You Never Master Your Untagged WAV or MP3
Distortion. Distortion. Distortion. When your recording artist customers record vocals over your beats and send the track off for mastering, they are going to be left with a horribly sounding, distorted audio file that is going to really hurt everyones ear drums and possibly hurt the reputation of your business. You must leave head room for more track layers!
Always Master Your Tagged Streaming MP3
This is the file that your potential customers will be listening to for the first time on your player or Pro Page before making the decision to purchase and license your beat.
You will almost NEVER sell this file as a license, so technically it’s ok to master this track so your listeners can hear the full vision you intended before they buy.
What should I do next?
We have you covered! BeatStars has an automated Mastering service in partnership with Landr that can help get your streaming files sounding amazing (and not distorted) which will increasingly help the probability of selling your beats.

Things To Consider When Buying Beats Online

1. Delivery time: Something you should consider when you’re shopping for beats online is the delivery time for your beats. I personally recommend shopping at beat sites that has a Instant Store, that way you receive your beats instantly after you made the payment.
2. Pricing/Deals: Pricing & deals is something to consider when you’re on a certain budget for your project. One thing to check for when buying beats is if the producer offer any bundle deals or has any sales going on.
3. Website: One thing that is important to consider is an organized clean website. A website that’s user friendly and has easy navigation is a plus when shopping for beats.
4. Contract: When you buy beats, make sure that some form of contract is sent to you to avoid any potential legal issues in the future, better safe than sorry
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