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How producers make money with beats

By MeccaBeatz on Oct 16, 2017 in Blogs - 0 Comments

Similar to selling mp3s, it is well worth your time releasing beat tapes or compilations of your
instrumentals, perhaps even the odd exclusive release with unpublished beats. This can generate a
lot of excitement amongst your fans and lead to your music being discovered by whole new fan
groups on sites like CDBaby. Over the years I’ve released a number of compilation albums and
publish them all via CDBaby. The site is very useful – as well as selling your albums through their own
website they will distribute your songs to all their digital partners such as iTunes, Amazon, MySpace
Music or Rhapsody. What’s more, you have the ability to enter all your songs into sync licensing via
Rumblefish which can potentially earn you even more money if your beats are used, for example, in
YouTube videos.

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